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Writing Samples

5 / Match Pace2023.

The documentation and accompanying essay for my debut solo exhibition.

4 / Didactic label texts for Hatch Hollow, 2022-2023.

Label texts written for gallery exhibitions at Hatch Hollow.

3 / Senior Composition, Soap Boxx. 2021.

For this project I lived in the Boxx gallery for one week and drew all over the walls, also inviting visitors to do the same. Afterwards, I left the space open from 10am-10pm daily with supplies for people to draw on the walls themselves, use the piano, or anything they felt inclined to do. The paper focuses on the challenges with defining a post-postmodernism.

For our final project, we were tasked with planning a hypothetical exhibition complete with show text and images of the works. My proposed exhibition considers the relationship between sex work and other undervalued and unprotected forms of labor. 

1 / FS102: Answer the question, "What is the meaning of life?" in 10 pages, 5 pages, and 1 page over the course of the semester. 2019.

Freshman Seminar is designed to prepare students for academic writing in particular, and this course did so while studying Existentialism. 

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