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Artist Portfolio

I am developing a practice that fosters community enrichment and critical engagement with art media by decentering authorship and taking an interdisciplinary approach. I plan to employ art, both making and displaying it, as a tool to demystify other disciplines. Making is an assertion of self, and rather than making those assertions for the sake of feeling precious, I want others to feel invited to assert themselves, too. Everyone should be making things all of the time! We’re all artists, poets, and musicians, and with an unparalleled media volume, more of us are all of those things simultaneously. I see efforts amongst other artists to challenge achievements centered around fame. Rather than observing this shift pessimistically, we embrace the truth that conventionally defined success is futile and unnecessary to make good work. I want to find them, work with them, and survive together despite our refusal to strive for “greatness.”

Curator Portfolio

Considering art exhibitions' display mechanisms and politics has deeply informed my making. During my undergraduate studies, I took on the role of student gallery assistant, summer research fellow, and president of our Student Art Society, allowing me to grow familiar with installation practices, didactic text writing, and event organization and advertisement. A year after graduating, I extended this skillset to assist in gallery operations in a hybrid exhibition space, coworking collective, and art supply retail front. My position at this establishment recently expanded to include grant writing and curatorial practices. 

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